Kumamoto Castle
The Sixth Asia-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials

Organized by

The Asia-Australasian Association for Composite Materials (AACM)


The Committee on Composite Materials, The Society of Materials Science (JSMS)

Sponsored by

Kumamoto University

Doshisha University





 The Asian-Australasian Association for Composite Materials (AACM) was founded in 1997 to encourage the free exchange of information on composite materials which are of interest to the scientific and engineering communities.
 The association has been instrumental in the advance- ment of composite science and technologies. It has made a great stride toward the provision of an Asian-Australasian-wide discussion forum as evidenced by the number of successful meetings held so far.
 The 1st Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials (ACCM-1) held in October 1998 at Osaka was sponsored by the Committee on Composite Materials of the Society of Materials Science, Japan (JSMS), and School of Engineering of Osaka University. Thereafter, ACCM conferences were held with unprecedented successes in Kyongju-Korea (August 2000), Auckland-New Zealand (July 2002), Sydney- Australia (July 2004) and Hong Kong (November 2006). This time, the Committee on Composite Materials of JSMS is happy to host again the 6th Asian- Australasian Conference on Composite Materials (ACCM-6) at Kumamoto, Kyushu, in September 2008.
 The ACCM-6 is aimed at providing a forum for profound discussions as well as sharing ideas on various technologies concerning every aspect of composite materials and structures.
Finally, ACCM-6 will also serve as an international liaison between engineers and scientists working in the field of composite materials.

Conference Chairs

  • Yoshihiro Sawada (Osaka City University)
  • Masaki Hojo (Kyoto University)
  • Hidetoshi Sakamoto (Kumamoto University)

Special Symposia

(Being planed)