Notes for Participants

Aug. 14, 2012, updated on Aug. 15, 2012

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Errata (Aug. 15):
Committee meeting is held on Aug. 29, not Aug. 28.
After banquet, shuttle busses arrive at official hotels around 21:15 and at Hamamatsu station around 21:30.

Final Program

Aug. 6, 2012, updated on Aug. 10, 2012

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Special session

November 10, 2011

"Industrialization of green composites: The Challenges and Opportunities"

IWGC-7 provides the special session "Industrialization of green composites: The Challenges and Opportunities", in which one speaker from INFO (International Natural Fiber Organization) casts industrial engineers how natural fibers have been used and will be developed in the future. Several speakers from car, electrical, building and chemical industries make answers for the first speaker's questions as well as introduction of their own products. Also a forum discussion will be held to exchange view-points on identifying critical bottle-necks that are now preventing large scale industry level market penetration of green composites and what actions are needed to overcome these obstacles. This can then lead to a "global markets including" strategy of green composites that can be introduced by the production companies.